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Install Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu Server 20.04

· One min read
Tech Fiddle
Rudra Sen

Today we'll guide you on Installing Jitsi Meet on Ubuntu Server 20.04.


  • Ubuntu Server 20.04+
  • Internet Access on Server
  • Public IP Address (Optional but Recommended)
  • sudo / root User Access


Today we'll install Jitsi Meet Server on an Ubuntu Server. So let me tell you what is Jitsi Meet. Jitsi Meet is a Ubuntu Package that can enable you to Attend and Join Meetings using the server. Sounds Cool, Huh?

So Now Let's Begin the Installation...

sudo apt -y update sudo apt -y install gnupg2 nginx-full curl wget apt-transport-https sudo apt-add-repository universe sudo apt -y update


  • A | | Public IP Address | 1800


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